Common Causes of Car Breakdown

Car breakdowns leave us frustrated, stranded on the side of the road and wondering what to do next. This mishap can occur to anyone, at any time. However, preventative maintenance usually saves the day and minimizes some of these stressors. Schedule service when it’s time and you’ll avoid many of the common causes of automotive breakdown such as those below.

1.    Dead Car Battery: When the battery in the car dies or gets low, it cases trouble starting a car, if it will start at all. The average battery has a 3 -5 year lifetime, although there are many factors that may deplete this lifetime. Watch out for warning signs of a dead battery such as dim lights and call a mechanic if you spot trouble.

2.    Transmission Trouble: Transmission problems usually evolve over time. You’ll notice poor vehicle performance and eventually breakdown. If you notice your transmission making strange noises, leaks, or other problems, it’s time to call a mechanic.

3.    Engine Trouble: The engine is the most important component underneath the hood of your vehicle. It’s built to withstand many problems but eventually can and will experience problems as it ages.

4.    Brake Problems: The brakes on your car also play an important role in the vehicle’s safety. If you notice issues with the brakes, such as squealing, low or liquid fluid, do not hesitate to schedule automotive services hampton va before you cannot stop the car and experience an accident.

5.    Flat Tires: Flat tires are also common. It’s a problem everyone experiences at least once. Check your tires before every trip to reduce your risk of a flat. Tire pressure and tread depth are two important features to check before leaving in the car.

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The issues above can cause you trouble at any time. Make sure you are prepared for the what if’s of driving and stay safe.